Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Rant #3: Movies: Iron Man Lives Again! Hopefully

As the release date for Iron Man The Movie draws closer and closer, I can't help but to wonder, will it be everything they promised? I know that that is the basic question for any movie, but the danger for a flop  considerably risen as of late. If you don't believe me, just try to remember any awesome movies that have come out as of late; when I say "awesome," I mean movies that make you forget where you are and that you don't even want to stand and go to the restroom for fear of missing something. Think...not that many huh?

The last movie I can remember that kept me sit down like that was "The Lord of the Rings:The Two Towers," but that was 6 years ago!; after that, not much as really stood out of the bunch. Which leads me to my real concern, is the age of great movies over? I mean, movies are costing more and more, but I am not that sure that the are getting and better. Take for example, "I Am Legend," everyone and their mom said that movie was great. The movie lasted about one hour, don't you think that there was far more material to stretch the movie to 2 hours? Yet they didn't. How about Spiderman 3 which, for me, destroyed most of the affection to the franchise since it was waaaaaaay to cheesy? How about Pirates of the Caribbean 3? Another flop. Shrek 3? flop. Star Wars 1? Flop. Star Wars 3? Flop. The list of "heavy releases"gone wrong goes on and on.

Why is it that movies have gotten  worst? Well, it your fault! And mine too... All of the movies that I mentioned above were movie flops, but not on the money they made. When Spiderman 3 makes $382 million Worldwide what is that telling the producers and directors? It is saying "give them anything, they'll eat it." Hence, the point of this my rant is, don't be fooled by advertising, wait and see if the movie was great, than go. If you don't do so, expect more horribly and short movies as well as shorter. 

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