Friday, April 25, 2008

Wake Up When It's Over...

As the time for the presidential elections draws closer and closer, the democrats seem to put more and more nails on their coffins. Why is? Well, while McCain is already planning for the election, Clinton and Obama are still fighting in their little corner of the world. In the end, their struggle will prove to be the downfall of the democratic party for God knows how many years to come. 

As the fight for the democratic nomination draws on, one thing is for certain, people, or at least me, are growing tire of it. It seems as if though every day there is some sort of "news" regarding Clinton and Obama. Usually these news include awesome topics like: Obama is winning, but Clinton is not defeated; Clinton takes the lead, Obama prepares plan; Obama attacks Hillaray; Hillary attacks Obama. In other words, there is a stalemate between both of them and, who wants to hear about a stalemate? Yet journalists keep on sticking stories about the now boring democratic election on their front pages.

The continual flow of story creates an agnostic feeling among the people. This feeling can very much mean the downfall of the democratic party as more and more time and resources are wasted on the race. 
Is the pre-election ever going to finish? I don't know, but we might still find Obama and Clinton fighting during and after the election. So, just wake up when its all over...

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Oscar Veliz said...

Death of the Democratic party?????

Pennsylvania was the final battle ground now we just have to wait for Democratic National Convention on August 25th. Check out for more details.

We already know the numbers provided by delegates from the states and the remaining votes are those provided by the Super Delegates.

They are unpledged so they can change their minds five times before Wednesday on who they're voting for.

The person who really is suffering is McCain because he's not in the news anymore. Because he doesn't have anyone to campaign against, he has to sit on his thumbs and spin his wheels until they select a candidate. Then he has to go out on campaign trail and reeducate the nation on his platform.

Death of the Democratic party???