Friday, April 18, 2008

Video Game, Meet Music; Music, Meet Video Game

(For best results, play the video while you read)

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a Rock Star? Don't lie, everyone of us has had that dream of some point. However, for one reason or another, like money, time, or lack of talent, most of do not get to accomplish that dream. But what if there was a way, in which to bridge all of these things? what if you could start a rock band at the entry price of $170.oo? This has all been made possible by Rock Band. 
Rock Band is just one of the many rhythm-action games that have been released in recent history. In fact, before Guitar Hero I came out, there were only a handful of games that belonged to the music-genre, most of which, failed to break into pop-culture. If I was to mention games like 'Space Channel 5" and "Samba de Amigo" (remake coming soon to Wii), few of you would even know what system they were published for. That whole notion was destroyed when the first Guitar Hero I, came out. Little by little, everyone started to take notice of these games making them, sometimes, the sole reason for which people bought systems.  
What makes these games so popular? In the case of Rock Band, it is the feeling of becoming something, even if it is for a few seconds, that you are not. Another factor contributing to the success of Rock Band is the fact that it is the perfect party game. Grabs some friends give them one of the three controllers and watch as you all look like a bunch of freaks in front of the TV as Bon Jovi Sings "Dear or Alive." This may sound altogether weird to some people, but that is because you need to play to understand what so great about it. 
Hence, my advice to you is leave the computer and go running right now to Best Buy to get Rock Band, or find someone that has, it, and go and play Rock Band. Go on, be a Rock Star. You'll thank me later.

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La Cri said...

Hmm. Rock Band, huh? I've seen it. It's cool. I thought also that it was like a brain game to train your brain to do something new and different, hence creating new brain connections. And yea, you can feel like a rock star, too. Have you played it? Are you a high level rocker?

Peace out,
Mrs. R